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  1. agent-Achika Sep 28, 2015

    Gd Afternoon Lotus!
    -How are you these days?
    -Have any new pets?
    -Which season is it over there?
    -Bought any new games lately?
    -Its still hot & muggy where
    I currently live annoyingly
    enough *sighs*.
    I can't wait for Autum to begin
    , that way it'll start to get
    chilly outside & rain.
    -Sadly I am lookin for a new
    job due to the previous
    job not working out.
    -Next year I plan on
    on returning to school
    to finish my leftover classes.
    -Nope I now plan on getting
    a new phone next year for sure.
    Reason is bcuz the phone
    I really need doesn't come
    out until early next yr.
    Currently there are only
    2 new diff models out on
    sale at this time.
    The: 4.6 compact & then
    a standard 5.5 version.
    However an even bigger
    6.2 or 6.4 inch display
    is rumored to definitely be
    in the works as I type this.
    So there is no need to rush
    out & buy another phone.
    Its the version I've been
    waiting for all along.
    I know for a fact that
    all the attention is gonna
    be on the new fancy
    overly hyped Iphone7.
    Millions of ppl are
    gonna be sleeping in
    tents infront of over
    a dozen Apple Inc stores
    , just to buy that new
    so-called fancy device.
    And just as many ppl
    are def gonna be
    it online as well.
    The phone I want is
    by: Sony's (Xperia) line.
    I am uber excited lol.
    Do you have a fancy
    Iphone6+ phone?
    Or new phone in general?
    Yes they literally have
    a phone called:
    (Iphone6 plus) aka
    a (Iphone6+) I know
    its utterly ridiculous lol.
    Actly a lot of these names
    for these phones are silly
    & never should've been
    created in the first place lmbo.
    -Speaking of phones I am trying
    to get my mom to upgrade
    her phone next year & to
    buy either a new:
    (Iphone6+) or Samsung
    Galaxy (Note5) phone.
    Reason is bcuz by the
    time all of these new
    phones come out
    in 2016 those 2 phones
    I mentioned earlier will
    be 1/3rd the price they
    currently cost.
    Each phone is amazing
    in its own way & has a lot
    to offer to a new customer.
    Hopefully she will get
    the (Note5) or the
    (Iphone6+) phone.
    I have a feeling she's
    gonna get the (Note5)
    due to the fact that
    she is a Samsung Galaxy
    fan & will be forever.
    We both are w/a
    major popular Sprint
    prepaid company ugh.
    I hate it w/a passion.
    The service is horrible
    & I drop calls 24/7.
    Its time for me to
    get a divorce fm them lol.
    I want to switch to
    a more reputable
    prepaid company.
    I would go to a major
    non-prepaid company
    if I could thats for sure.
    However I'd need a good
    paying job to pay for
    an expensive non-
    prepaid monthly bill
    *rolls eyes*.
    So until I can get one
    prepaid is the way to go
    Which phone company
    are ya currently with?
    -I'll post 2 links to the
    phones I mentioned
    up above for my mom below.
    Be sure view both videos.
    -Congrats on graduating
    2 years ago buddy.
    Are you working in
    the field U majored in?
    -Seen any new
    films lately?

    Galaxy Note5 link:

    Iphone6+ link:


  2. MatildaIII Sep 07, 2015

    Hi there friend!
    For some reason,I can't access MT most of the time!
    Doing alright..
    How've you been?


    Aside from the same old me, I now have a job.. even though I still don't like the call center experience. Trust me, really hard to be on tip top shape if you can't even hear your own thoughts...

    Try using a different browser, if its a technical issue.

    But how 'bout ya?

  3. MatildaIII Aug 23, 2015

    Yao! Anas... its been a while. how are ya

  4. agent-Achika Feb 27, 2015

    Gd morning Lotus!
    -I have been fine.
    just working at my new job.
    -I have been very busy
    these last few days.
    I have a mentor who gives
    me additional homwrk &
    it needs to be completed.
    So I need to tske care of
    that this wkend asap.
    -Its ok I'm not mad to
    you replying late.
    I am just now answering
    my msgs here on MT.
    Since I now work I don't
    have the time to answer
    all of them like I did before.
    So now I only have 2X a week
    to see my msgs & buds
    here on MT.
    -I still plan on gettin a new
    phone this year
    for sure now.
    It will be later this year.
    Only bcuz I have other
    bills to take care of first.
    Also I found out that the
    later U wait for a new phone
    , the cheaper it will cost.
    So now I am gonna wait
    for the phone's cost
    to go down.
    -There are a few animr series
    I wanna start watchn
    but havnt yet.
    I am only reading one
    manga now.
    I actly am gonna save up
    to attend an AX later
    this Summer.
    Then I am gonna
    save up extra
    money for spending
    on diff items.
    Such as: Manga,
    clothes, plushies,
    Artbks, pocky stix etc.
    I am excited bcuz I have not
    gone to an AX in over 4 yrs
    so I am uber excited lol.
    -Do you attend any
    AX events?
    Locally or internationally?
    -Do you know what an AX is?
    AX means (Anime Expo).
    Its an event where many
    Japanese vendors,
    & companies,
    who sell mangas,
    clothes, anime
    films, series,
    soundtrax, artwk etc.
    They happen all over
    the world.
    & are very popular too.
    Millions of ppl go
    every year.
    I however am goin to
    the AX in my state
    bcuz its too
    expensive & I have
    a life with other important
    things to do esp now
    since I work lol.
    The AX I am goin to is only
    for 4 days straight.
    Since I will be
    working during
    the Summer I am
    only goin 2
    outta the 4 days.
    Which is fine w/me bcuz
    I dont want to go all 4 days.
    There are 2 events I
    wanna see
    3rd day & tons of
    things I wanna
    buy then on the 4th
    day all items
    will be on sale for
    the entire day.
    I plan on buying
    some clothes then.
    -I'm sorry ya male
    Guinea pig died.
    Hows the female
    Guinea pig doin?
    -I will read the site
    you posted
    on my gbp later on today.
    -Hows the weather
    on Ur side?
    -Hows school going?


  5. ARLIN0013 Feb 16, 2015


  6. agent-Achika Jan 02, 2015

    Gd morning Lotus!
    -Long time no talk.
    -How have ya been?
    -Seen any new 2014 films yet?
    -Hows ya Guinea Pig doing?
    -Enjoying 2015 so far?


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